Filtration and suction tables

Filter and suction equipment

We offer filtration equipment of Czech manufacturer with long tradition and high quality TIGEMMA brand. Filtration devices are designed for the filtration of gases and fumes (emissions). In other words, for the separation of solid dust particles and the filtration of gases which form as emissions in the thermal separation of metallic material.

In cooperation with TIGEMMA, we supply filtration of various types as part of the burning workplaces

  • TIG FS
  • TIG FSD - output 1250 - 4850 m3 / hour
  • CYKLONY - for the separation of particulate matter only, for the extraction of fine and non-stick dirty air for industrial purposes

Exhausting tables for health protection during thermal cutting of metals

Our company HONKYS a.s. cooperates with a Czech manufacturer with a long tradition and high quality of its TIGEMMA products. And thanks to that, we offer you the suction tables that are necessary at every workstation where the thermal cutting of metallic material takes place. Exhausting tables are equipped with special exhaust fume sections and therefore protect the health of workers. In addition, these work surfaces are designed to be loaded with a very thick sheet metal.

Choose a material table according to your needs

  • Lightweight Tables with load capacity up to 390 kg / m2 - Tables of the new generation with lightweight construction and working area 2000 x 6000 mm. Designed for cutting metals with a maximum thickness of 50 mm. Take them at a very reasonable price.
  • Medium-sized tables up to 1800 kg / m2 - Medium-sized tables are made up of several modules, which combine to achieve the required work lengths. The tables are designed for materials with a thickness of 0-220 mm.
  • Heavy duty tables with load capacity up to 2400 kg / m2 - Tables are constructed from modules, large-volume trap and are equipped with an anti-pull plate removal system for manipulating magnetic plates. For materials with a thickness of 0-300 mm.
  • Framing frames up to 2400 kg / m2 - Alternative to suction tables designed for cutting metals with a maximum thickness of 300 mm. Frames can be supplied in 3 sizes. They are stored in the blasting machine space.

TIGEMMA desks provide effective surface suction, which is more even and more efficient compared to suction of commercially expanded tables. The gas is always clean at 99.99%. Read more about suction tables.

Are you interested in filtering or suction table?

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In cooperation with TIGEMMA, we supply several types of tables as part of the workplace. To help with choosing the right one, do not hesitate to contact us.

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