CNC cutting machines Honkys EKO series

economic solution

The main difference between the machines in the EKO series is that they can be purchased at very favorable economic conditions because they are manufactured at the minimum possible cost. Honkys EKO is a cheap CNC burning machine for plasma cutting of metals.

Technical parameters

Material type


Thickness of the material


Working dimensions of the machine


Number of supports


Plasma power output


any type and class of metal material


1.0 - 50 mm


width: 1.5 - 2.0 m, length: 3.0 - 6.0 m




up to 200 A


Possibility of upgrading and upgrading the machine during operation - increasing the operating capacity, changing the purpose of the machine, upgrading or correcting the control system according to the current requirements.

A multi-step protection system that also provides increased performance, cutting precision, stable and reliable machine operation.

Plasma cutting technology from leading manufacturers. HONKYS a.s. collaborates with world leaders in plasma sources, such as Kjellberg, Hypertherm and Honkys Plasma.

The technical advantages of Honkys EKO machines

  • simple and comfortable control of the B & R brand
  • B&R two-sided drive actuators
  • linear HIWIN lines
  • linear guides in all axes: X, Y, Z
  • quick assembly
  • stable operation under challenging conditions
  • suitable for plasma sources is only air cutting gas, or where the cutting gas is oxygen and swirl gas air



The advantages of the protection system

  • solid metal construction
  • all parts of the machine that have increased thermal and mechanical loads have added protection
  • protection of hoses and cables in cable chains in both axes
  • protection against portal collisions and workspace borders
  • protection against torch collision with cut material
  • Human Factor Protection System



Advantages of the control system

  • the control computer is specially designed for use in an industrial environment with a hermetic dust cover
  • simple and light learning for the operator
  • extensive and rich database of macros for cutting material
  • availability of all cutting tables in the control system
  • transfer of cutting plans via USB interface or network
  • Automatic plasma torch height control via THC
  • direct communication with the plasma source through the control system
  • parameter diagnostics during cutting
  • the ability to enter values for cut off

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