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In early 2018, Director of HONKYS a.s., Vladimir Honkys agreed with his former business partner, Mr. Jiri Polak, for a new cooperation in order to focus more on the Czech Republic and Slovakia market.


Since the development of the company HONKYS a.s. got into a strong current, the company grew very quickly.. a minor and very unwanted effect was the neglect of the domestic market. Mr. Jiri Polak decided to change this situation. Honkys machines claim to be "Czech Gold" and he is determined, in close cooperation with our company, to raise the current level of CNC cutting in our country.

Establishment of the company

Mr. Jiri Polak became the director of the new company, HONKYS Export s.r.o. - the exclusive distributor of Honkys CNC machines for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


So we asked him if he was so kind and gave us a few words about our cooperation:


"I enjoyed the whole concept of the company from the beginning, its ideas, its potential and its goals both in development and in the business as a whole. For two and a half years, when we spent together with Mr. Honkys and had the opportunity to take the next step forward, I found out that I like this direction very much and I would like to be part of it. I saw some shortcomings that forced me as a trader to do something about it because the machines that Mr. Honkys and the whole team are producing are such Czech gold for me. Company HONKYS a.s. was mainly focused on Russia and the Baltics, where Mr. Honkys is very close, because part of his family comes from Russia. I have seen great potential here at home in Czech and in nearby Slovakia or Poland. That is why we agreed to take over these markets as HONKYS Export s.r.o., which I represent as the exclusive supplier for HONKYS a.s. we will take care of our customers so that the development of both companies will flourish and with the time we will cover the whole market."

- Jiri Polak, Director of HONKYS Export s.r.o.

Equally positive in terms of mutual cooperation is the director of HONKYS a.s., Vladimir Honkys:


"I met Mr. Polak at the beginning of 2016, where we co-financed financial products for the development of HONKYS a.s. At that time Mr. Polak was introduced to the production of our company. During negotiations with Mr. Polak, I have stated several times that we are mainly orientated to the Russian-speaking market, mainly due to historical circumstances and excellent knowledge of the Russian market and mentality. We also delivered machines to Czech, but the sales were not so much because we did little to do with the domestic market. During negotiations with Mr. Polak, I noticed his excellent business skills and the perfect knowledge of the Czech market. He was very pleased with our Czech production and started to show interest in it. It did not take long, and we signed an exclusive representation agreement with HONKYS Export s.r.o., which is led by Mr. Jiri Polak as the new director of the company. We have signed the exclusive representation on the domestic and Slovak markets. Both of us were aware that this contract would greatly extend our production to the domestic market as well as HONKYS a.s. will be able to develop and expand its product portfolio in the field of thermal cutting of metal."

- Vladimir Honkys, Director of HONKYS a.s.

A few words in conclusion..

Although the cooperation of these two companies is in the beginning, it is certainly possible to say that all work activities are very positive. The customers are coming to the Czech Republic, demands for our services. In the near future, we are starting to build a new production hall with a Honkys training center and a showroom - you will have the opportunity to see the Honkys machines and see their performance, and cutting quality.

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