Plasma technology

We offer plasma sources from leading world manufacturers Kjellberg and Formica, which we offer in cooperation with the manufacturer under our own brand Honkys Plasma HPL. Combination of cutting-edge sources with Honky's Machines enables plasma arc cutting with the highest possible quality. When cutting, you can also use the latest plasma cutting technology. These include the patented TRUE HOLE technology that produces a much better hole quality, or CONTOUR CUT SPEED for cutting small contours, especially in soft steel.

Available plasma sources

Plasma sources from the German manufacturer Kjellberg

  • Series HiFocus i neo – high-precision systems (CONTOUR CUT SPEED)
  • Series FineFocus – precise systems
  • Series PA-S W – cost-efficient systems
  • Series CutFire – air plasma
  • Series Smart Focus – excellent results, cutting from 1-80 mm

Plasma sources of the Slovak manufacturer Formica

  • Series ForCUT with MTHW torch - for high quality cuts
  • Series ForCUT with MAXIMIZER 300 torch - for high quality cuts
  • Series ForCUT with MTW torch - for standard cuts
  • Series ForCUT with EL120 torch - air plasma

Plasma sources equipment

HiFocus plasma sources can have an automatic gas console. This means that they can be controlled directly from a CNC machine without the need for additional operator intervention. In addition, there is a possibility of plasma marking, running fully automated from the system, without the operator having to do additional tasks.

Example - The CNC machine switches the plasma to the marking mode, marks the burnout on the inscription, and then the CNC machine switches the plasma to the cut mode. The machine starts cutting (burning) a flame that has already been tagged with plasma. This whole process can be automated. HONKYS a.s. for precision marking, it is recommended to use the Argon gas (Ar).

Plasma sources ForCUT are equipped with a manual gas console only, but they have the possibility of plasma marking. This is done in manual mode. The operator must then set the plasma to mark and then back to the cutting.

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