A few words about plasma cutting, or plasma burning

In our company's offer you will find plasma sources that allow you to use plasma cutting or burning of various materials together with Honky's machines. The principle of this plasma cutting is not difficult to understand. On the other lines, we'll explain it to you as well as we can advise you on suitable combinations of gases for cutting selected materials.

Two gasses are used to burn the plasma:


  • Cutting gas - A stream of electrons penetrates it, creating ionized gases and plasma. This plasma can literally melt or burn the cut material.
  • Whirl gas - This secondary or also gas-protecting gas supports the cut quality. It could be said that it separates plasma from the surrounding environment. The plasma arc is more streamlined thanks to it, the molten material is better blown out and the consumable parts have a longer life.

Developers of plasma cutting sources have found that if the cutting gas has a whirling shape, you can cut the material almost perpendicularly and, on the other hand, blow the molten material off the cut.

What kinds of gases are suitable for plasma cutting

The cutting gas can be oxygen, air, argon and hydrogen. As a secondary gas you can use oxygen, air, nitrogen, etc. Choosing the right combination of gases affects the quality of the cut. We will bring you closer to plasma cutting of black steel, aluminum and stainless steel.


  • Combination of Plasma Cutting Gases for Black Steel - For high-quality cutting, use black and carbon steel as oxygen for cutting gas. The secondary gas may also be oxygen or air. Do not be afraid when bursting with oxygen occurs. It is a chemical mixture of Fe2O3, which is the same chemical composition as rust. And you can easily separate it from the sheet. You can also cut steel by air. However, in contrast to the use of oxygen, the quality will be worse and may result in burrs of the same composition as the metal. So, they are part of it, and to remove them, you must mechanically remove them.


  • Combination of Aluminum Gases - Aluminum is best suited as a gas mixture for argon and hydrogen, and as a secondary gas for air or nitrogen. However, if you are working with thin sheets, use both air and nitrogen as the cutting and secondary gas.


  • Combination of stainless steel - You can cut stainless steel with air, nitrogen, argon and hydrogen or a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen. High-quality but still least effective is the use of air as both cutting and secondary gas. Get a little better results using nitrogen instead of air. And of the best quality you get a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen or argon and hydrogen as a gas. As a secondary gas, use nitrogen. For other types of metals such as titanium, copper or brass, we de facto use the same gases as stainless steel, only the cutting speeds or the current may vary slightly.

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