Plasma Market News: CutFire 100i and Q3000

From September 25 to September 29, 2017, a lot of news was seen in Düsseldorf, Germany. Among them are the new CutFire 100i plasma sources and the Q3000 concept of a new generation of plasma sources.

CutFire 100i

The new giant of Plasma, Kjellberg. This "super plasma" can, thanks to the new design of the Flash 101 torch, cut metal with up to 30 mm with bare air, with up to 20 mm pure and very high quality. Economically unattractive source, best suited to our new Honkys EKO. Combined with the modified ORLIK compressor, it is a complete and cost-effective, low-cost solution that will be appreciated especially by small and medium-sized companies.

Now let's take a look at the exhibits, where Kjellberg demonstrated the burning results with this super source. We can see individual materials and thicknesses, along with the Flash 101 torch.


A modular plasma source, currently in the form of a concept where the launch date is set to 2018. The biggest advantage of this source is the possibility of expanding its power according to the demands of your production. The power supply in the basic configuration has a power of 150A, where it is possible to extend it to 300A or up to 450A, using individual modules. For example, businesses that do not use the full potential of this source will be appreciated. In the future, they add another module to increase its strength. Do not worry about any other hose connections or system changes. The torch at this source is set to 450A from the beginning and can handle both 150A and 300A.


You can not ignore the new design, which can be said with certainty that it is time and looks so good.

Unique plasma source with innovative control. This is a change that will be appreciated by everyone who will control the source and care for consumables. The gas console replaces a mobile, very good panel, for example, to see the life of individual consumer parts. Their exchange will not be a problem and you will be able to verify the consumption of your production. We will be able to adjust the slots in the monitor and perform all the diagnostics.

Another essential feature is the Ethernet connector, which enables us to connect the Q3000 source with our CNC system and display the information directly there. There is also a USB connector that will automatically store information for us when we plug in a USB flash drive. Ideal in cases of complications and faults - imagine that the source stops burning, announces some mistake in the form of letters and numbers that you absolutely do not understand and even with the manual you do not know. In this case, there is nothing easier than plugging the USB flash drive into the USB connector to upload all the essential information about the errors that you then send to the supplier of the burning machine or directly to the manufacturer of the source. One or the other will not have the slightest problem with diagnostics and the ultimate solution to the situation.

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