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Every step of the employees of HONKYS a.s. is aimed at selecting, manufacturing, supplying and commissioning equipment that has served our clients for a long time and fulfilling all their requirements.

Do you start to do metalworking and have a well-defined goal? Do you know that you want to get a high quality machine, but it is difficult for you to decide on the technical characteristics of the machine and its configuration?


In that case, rely on us and we will make a turn-key order for you.

With our turn-key cooperation you will get:


     • Quality and full consultation

     • A convenient menu with the right configuration for your task

     • Design and manufacture of the machine

     • Delivery, installation and commissioning of the machine

     • Training of technical staff

     • Warranty and post-warranty service

Simply enter your requirements, and our experts will formulate device parameters for you, configure it correctly, choose the optimal solution, and offer you several options. They also provide full, competent and fast consultation as well as service and technical support.

Our technical experts are here for you and together you will be sure to choose each part of the machine correctly. We act in Czech, English or Russian. We do not have any language barriers and we can reach agreement quickly without waiting and unnecessary misunderstanding.

+420 561 034 570


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